For a successful experience with your Kratom supplement, you need to learn a few things about the herb itself. Buying Kratom online may seem confusing, at first, but these tips should help to make your buying experience easier.

Choosing a Strain

First, you need to think about what effect you’re looking for from Kratom. Guidelines will be slightly different depending on why you want to use it-to help you relax, for pain, for focus, etc. Then, choose a strain that will help you fulfill that purpose. Generally, the strains refer to the color of the veins in the leaf of the plant.

  1. Red Strains – Best choice for anxiety, relaxation and mild depression. With red strains, you tend to notice a calmness that gently creeps up on you; usually within an hour or so. Its effects also last a little longer than other strains. It’s different for everyone, but five to ten hours is the norm.
  2. White Strains– If you’re looking for energy or pain relief, you will notice effects quickly with the white vein strains. Though intense, it doesn’t last too long-roughly three to five hours-which makes it suitable if you want a quick boost or if you take it in late afternoon. It will get you through the busy portion of your day without keeping you up at night.
  3. Green Strains-Also good for energy and pain relief. Very similar to the white strains, except the effects last longer. If you are looking to take it once and get through your entire work day, this is the strain you want, but I wouldn’t take it too late in the day as it may interfere with your sleep.

If you want to get the most for your money, choose the strain best suited for your needs & Say no to Disease. You may want to do a little research, first, as there are different variations of each strain and each will have its own unique attributes depending on such variables as which form of Kratom you buy or the region the plants are grown in.

Form and Potency

Kratom can be purchased as a powder, as a liquid extract or in capsule form.

  1. Powder- Buying Kratom in powder form is perhaps the easiest way to ensure you take the dose you want. The best way to take the powder is to blend it into a smoothie or protein shake. Make it a small portion, though, because you probably won’t like the taste and the quicker you can drink it, the better. It can be mixed with yogurt or brewed into a tea, but the taste and texture don’t make these options very popular.
  2. Extract- This form would work the fastest but can also vary a lot depending on the concentration-which can be confusing to some. When you see a number with an ‘x’ next to it, such as 25x, that would mean it is the equivalent to 25 grams of powder. It does NOT mean that it is 25 times stronger than regular Kratom!
  3. Capsule- probably the easiest way to buy and take Kratom because it hides the taste almost completely. It is not, however, recommended unless you want to pay extra; sometimes a lot extra. First, the price will be higher simply due to the fact that they have to use the capsules as part of the packaging process. Plus, you need to take multiple capsules-sometime 8 or 10-since only so much powder can be packed into each one. This means less doses per package, which is going to cost more.

Choosing a Vendor

The best way to choose a good vendor is to do your own research. Make sure the website looks professional, without a lot of ads or annoying pop-ups. A serious seller or company will want to spare no cost in giving you a truly wonderful shopping experience. Make sure you read the reviews of previous customers (if there are no reviews, I would move on) on the vendor’s website for more reviews. Also, check to see that the site uses appropriate security measures for handling your personal and payment information. In other words, read the fine print!

Bottom Line

Buying Kratom online can be confusing and seem more than a little daunting. There’s a lot to learn about this supplement when making a purchase, especially the first few times. Knowing that most users find the perfect Kratom for themselves only after a little bit of trial and error will assure that, if you don’t have perfect satisfaction the first time around, you won’t hesitate to learn more and try again.